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Perum Jamkrindo is the only state-owned enterprise (SOE) that has a business focus on credit Guarantee. Whether directly or indirectly provided by banks / Micro, Small, Medium Enterprises and Cooperatives (UMKMK). In its development Perum Jamkrindo changed its name 3 times, History of establishment of Perum Jamkrindo begins with the name of Credit Guarantee Institution of Cooperation (LJKK) in mid 1970-1981, In 1980-2000 LJKK converted into Public Company Financial Development Cooperative (Perum PKK) ago in 2000-2008 Perum PKK was changed to Public Company (Perum) Business Development Facility (SPU). Subsequently in May 2008, Perum Sarana Pengembangan Usaha was re-renamed as Perum Jamkrindo.

Infrastructure Feed

10 November
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05 November
101 Villages in Papua and West Papua Now Enjoying PLN Electricity
04 November
PUPR Ministry will Evaluate Contractor Related to Construction Accident:
03 November
PALYJA Held Health Education Event for Elementary School Students:
02 November
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    Sawaktol olo
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    Business Development Manager, Timbuktu Constructions
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    Construction president of Syria