Infrastructure Connect! Digital Series


Thursday, September 3 2020

Toll Road and Urban Transportation Development Toward Green Infrastructure


The implementation of green infrastructure in the development of urban areas and toll roads is one of the government’s strategies and targets in economic recovery and social reform amid the threat of a global recession due to Covid-19.

INFRASTRUCTURE CONNECT! DIGITAL SERIES 2nd edition of webinar will discuss and highlight the collaboration between stakeholders, industry experts and solution providers as well as explore the role of technology in driving innovation and improvement on the implementation of long-term strategies.


  1. What are the policies and steps that will be taken by each stakeholder to make toll road infrastructure development in support of Indonesia’s green infrastructure?
  2. Challenges and strategies in supporting green infrastructure program.
  3. Role of industry in line with government agenda to support green infrastructure program
  4. Technological application in supporting sustainable green infrastructure development in Indonesia
  5. Solutions from the government, trade associations and relevant industries.



  • Triono Junoasmono, Sekretaris Badan Pengatur Jalan Tol (BPJT)
  • Agus Purnomo, Direktur Utama, PT Jasamarga Pandaan Malang (JPM)
  • Krishna S. Pribadi, Wakil Ketua II, Lembaga Pengembangan Jasa Konstruksi Nasional (LPJK)
  • Mochammad Cholis Prihanto, Direktur, PT Wijaya Karya Industri & Konstruksi

Moderator:  F Dahlan – Rating Development Manager, Green Product Council Indonesia (GPCI)



Wednesday, July 29 2020

Sustainable Urban Infrastructure Planning towards the New Normal



In the midst of the challenges of the global recession, the Ministry of Public Works and Housing is still active in developing strategies and targets, including the potential for cooperation in investment, alternative solutions for infrastructure financing, the potential for developing strategic areas in urban and tourism priority areas, and the application of green infrastructure in development of urban areas to increase the achievement of infrastructure that is more effective, consistent and sustainable.


  • What is the policy of each stakeholder to make this urban infrastructure acceleration program attractive?
  • What are the challenges and strategies so that infrastructure projects continue to run during the period of new normal era?
  • What is the role of industry in supporting the acceleration of urban infrastructure in line with the government?
  • What are the challenges of the local government in continuing the infrastructure program?
  • How is the application of green infrastructure in implementing sustainable infrastructure in Indonesia?


Kebijakan Perencanaan Dan Pemrograman Pembangunan Infrastruktur Pupr Terpadu Mendukung Pengembangan Kawasan Strategis Perkotaan 2020-2024 
– by Hadi Sucahyono,
Head of Regional Infrastructure Development Ministry of Public Works and Housing

Kesiapan Perencanaan Perkotaan Berkelanjutan dalam Menghadapi Adaptasi Kebiasaan Baru

– by Tri Dewi Virgiyanti, Director of Urban, Housing and Settlements Bappenas

Kesiapan Perencanaan Infrastruktur Perkotaan yang Berkelanjutan dalam Menghadapi Adaptasi Kebiasaan Baru

– by Iswar Aminuddin, Regional Secretary of Semarang City

Preparing Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure Projects

– by Louis Downing,
CEO Global Infrastructure Basel Foundation

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